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You are getting a fully setup, ready to go 100% dropship store selling “PREMIUM TEA & TEAWARE "Very Easy to target customers. Run some ads on FB and Instagram and start making money. 

Included in the Sale:

✔️The Business /Store ownership "TEAS & TEMPTATIONS" transferred to you
✔️The legal ownership of the domain name. 
✔️Social media accounts 
✔️Step by step guide to run Facebook, google and Instagram adverts 
✔️Email marketing pack with 20 million email addresses for marketing campaign
✔️Shopify Merchant pack with step by step guide to manage the website.
✔️Lifetime Support from our team. 
✔️Access to Shopify's 24 hours customer service via phone, email and live chat.
✔️Access to Shopify's eCommerce university including blogs, tutorials, videos.

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'Website and all the assets transferred to you within 24 hours of purchase'

Customer Reviews

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Leo Martin Richardson

I am a new Shopify user and I love the website!!! Ani & Sofia are super polite and respond to help request within hours (in my case at least). He fixed my issue super quickly, saving me time, money, and aggravation. If you are planning to start your eCommerce business, I would highly recommend Ecom Chief. The business/website is scalable, versatile, and the customer service is top notch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayleigh Passmore

Very satisfied, very nice user friendly website and store. and mainly very supportive team Ecom Chief! Highly appreciate! Special thanks to Ani & Sofia:)

Kimo Sierra

This Website and Store has great features that are built-in and ready to go. It's intuitive and easy to get what you need out of it for the most. No Ecommerce website out there will fit your needs exactly as far as I'm concerned, but this website does so much and is compatible with any other app needed to make it all work. I haven't needed the support much, but when I have, they've been quick, friendly, and effective.

Evan Criswell

First off, the website is AWESOME! It is very responsive, looks AMAZING on both desktop and mobile. Secondly, the Ecom chief Support Team, (the makers of the Website) are GREAT! They are excellent about answering questions you have about the theme. I would happily pay double for the price of the Store and the awesome support you get from these guys. I highly, highly recommend!

Jason Lionel Macoba

Great online store and amazing customer service. Quick to respond and extremely helpful. We used purchase 3 stores now and are completely satisfied. All our investment of $800 cam back within a month. Recommended**