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"Unleash Your Entrepreneurial Dreams with FABULOUZ GIRLS!

Introducing the fully setup, ready-to-go dropship store selling Women's fashion apparel & accessories. Target customers with ease and start making money in no time by running ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Included in the Sale:

  • The business & store ownership of FABULOUZ GIRLS, transferred to you.
  • Legal ownership of the domain name WWW.FABULOUZGIRLS.COM
  • 2 blogs, each consisting of 1000 words, with unique and personalized content on any chosen topic
  • Step-by-step guide to run Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads
  • Email marketing pack with 20 million email addresses for your marketing campaign
  • Shopify merchant pack with a guide to manage your website
  • Lifetime support from our team and access to Shopify's 24-hour customer service
  • Access to Shopify's eCommerce university with blogs, tutorials, and videos

Act now and all assets will be transferred to you within 24 hours of purchase. Start your fashion empire today!"

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'Website and all the assets transferred to you within 24 hours of purchase'

Customer Reviews

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Stephans Zitha

Oh, how incredible! I was immediately captivated by this website. It's undoubtedly among the finest (likely the absolute finest) Shopify stores out there. It encompasses all the essential elements for a successful online store. The design is exquisite and user-centered, boasting a fantastic UI that allows for optimal presentation of product collections.

Augustus Wilson

I have been utilizing my website for approximately three years. It possesses a tidy appearance, is designed with user convenience in mind, and offers effortless updating capabilities. On numerous occasions, I have reached out to the support team and consistently encountered their willingness to assist me.

Justin Lim

This website is absolutely amazing! I couldn't be more satisfied with my purchase. I haven't come across any other company that provides such a comprehensive, modern, and stylish look. By leveraging their extensive information and applying some creative thinking, you can create a truly distinctive and thriving business. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to Ani for providing exceptional customer support. I genuinely appreciate your invaluable assistance. It's clear why every other reviewer has praised your amazing help.

Rolla Voorhamme

Wow, I am thrilled to share my experience with ecom chief! I was looking for an online business for a long time and finally came across ecom chief. When I made my purchase, I had a few questions that I needed help with. So, I reached out to their support team and to my surprise, Ani responded within just 2 hours despite being across the pond. I was truly amazed by Ani's professionalism and friendliness. Not only did he present a couple of solutions, but he also suggested some useful apps for our store! I am so grateful for the exceptional service provided by Ani and the ecom chief team. Thank you so much!

Magnalana Dabney

The website is fantastic and meets my requirements precisely. The response time is fast, and the information provided is useful, typically within 24 hours. I strongly suggest their ecommerce websites, which are also reasonably priced. Overall, it's a fantastic deal for just 500 dollars.