FAQ Dropshipping & Ecommerce Store

What am i buying?

You are buying a ready to go online business/store. Once purchased you will be the owner of the new online store and run it like any other business. The store is all set up and comes pre-loaded with products, payment gateways, suppliers, etc

How does it work?

1. Customer comes on your website
2. Buys a product
3. You get paid straight away
4. Then you place the order with the supplier from the back office.
5. Supplier takes care of packing, shipping, tracking etc.
6. You can also automise the entire process.

How does the business generate revenue? 

Through online sales

What are the profit margins?

200%-300%. As the new business owner you can change the margins as per your business needs and goals.

What platform is the website built on?


What are the ongoing expenses for the business?

$39 per month for basic shopify account. It includes Website Hosting, SSL certificate, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Products, access to ecommerce university, blogs, videos and tutorials online and shopify’s 24 hours customer service, via Phone, Email and Live chat.

How do I get paid?

We have installed the following payment gateways: Credit Card ( VIsa, Mastercard  American Express), Paypal, Google pay and Apple pay. Depending how your customer pays you it will get credited to your bank, paypal account respectively.

Where are the suppliers based? How many suppliers are there? Are they reliable?

All suppliers are based overseas in China. There are multiple suppliers in place. All suppliers are vetted for product quality and service. Suppliers Ship Worldwide

Can i run the business from my country?

Yes, all our businesses can be run from anywhere in the world. All you need is Internet connection, laptop or mobile phone. Suppliers Ship Worldwide

I'm a newbie. Can I run this website? 

This business is perfect for beginners! You don't need any coding or programming skills

Can I add more products, categories, images and make changes to the website? 

Yes, you can add more products after we create and hand over the store to you. There's no limit to the number of products that can be added to the store, and your store will be 100% customizable from your end.

Do you provide Marketing Support?

Yes, post-sale you will get the following marketing support 
• FREE step by step guide to run Facebook, Google and Instagram Adverts. 
• FREE email marketing pack with 2 million email addresses to start off your email marketing campaign. 
• How to create a Social media Marketing Plan
• How to Hack Instagram Marketing: 60 Instagram Tips You Should Know
• How to Sell on Instagram: 6 Instagram Tips That Actually Work
• How to Do Instagram Influencer Marketing
• Customer Retention: 8 Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back 

How do returns work? 

Customer sends the product back to the supplier.Supplier refunds you the amount. Then you refund back to your customer

Do you offer Support post sale?

We offer lifetime support post sale. You will also have access to Shopify’s 24 hours customer service, via Phone, Email and Live chat. So you are well covered in terms of support & training

What is included in the Sale?

1. The business & store ownership transferred to you

2. The legal ownership of the domain name.

3. Supplier contact details & products

4. Step by Step guides to run facebook, google & instagram adverts

5. Free email marketing pack with 20 million email addresses to start your own marketing campaign

6. Free Themes Package with 60+ Themes in various niche to design your own store ( Total Value $1500+)

7. Shopify merchant pack with step by step guides to manage the website

8. Lifetime support from our team

9. Access to shopify's 24hours customer service via, phone, email and Live chat

Can you build a website?

Yes, we can build you a website with a product of your choice. Contact us for more information