FAQ- Website Design & Development Agency

What am I Buying?

You are buying your own Website Design Agency selling dropshipping stores/businesses.

Who will design the websites that I sell?

Our team will do all the design and development.

How does it work?

1. Once you buy the Agency, promote it with the simple marketing plan that we provide.

2. You get enquiries. They are easy to manage because all info required from the prospective customer is simply laid out on the website.

3. The Customer completes a purchase via PayPal. You receive the funds in your PayPal Account. For ex: $600 for an Enterprise Website.

4. You contact us via email with the order details and pay us the design & development price. ( See below)

5. From there onwards you do not have to do anything. Our team will take over. We will  coordinate with the customer on his requirement (Store design, drop shipping products etc)

5. We deliver the site and the business ( within 5 working days) and provide after sales service to your customer.

What are the Profit Margins?



    Who will provide post sale customer service to my clients?

    Our team

    What are the ongoing expenses for the agency business?

    Zero Expenses. 

    What platform is the agency website built on?


    What platform are the drop shipping stores that i will be selling built on?


    How do I get paid?

    We have installed PayPal. PayPal supports all debit and credit cards worldwide. Your customer does not need a PayPal account to pay you.

    Do you offer Support post sale?

    We offer Free Lifetime support

    What is included in the sale of the agency business?

    1. Ownership of the website design & development agency business
    2. Ownership of the domain name
    3. Free Hosting and SSL certificate for life
    4. Your own back office team dedicated only to you
    5. Lifetime support 
    6. Premium drop shipping websites designed by our expert team
    7. Admin area to manage your site's content and settings
    8. Operational Guide
    9. Advice on marketing, promoting and advertising your agency business 
    10. Simple and easy to follow step by step guides on how to run Facebook, google and Instagram adverts.

    How does the agency business transfer process work?

    • Once the payment is made, send us your GoDaddy customer # and email address you used to create the GoDaddy account
    • We will send you an invite to accept the GoDaddy domain transfer
    • Send us your PayPal address details. We will have that updated in the website so you can receive payments.
    • Site admin credentials are handed over
    • Marketing pack and operational guide are handed over