FAQ- Website Design & Development Agency ( Old)

How does it work:

  1. Website design Agency website comes preloaded with more than 30+ ready to go dropshipping stores in various niches. 
  2. Customer visits the site browses the store in different niches, makes a purchase and pays you.
  3. We will be your back office team and take care over the responsibility of design  & developing the website, transferring the website, the domain name, all the assets , social media accounts etc to your client. The entire transfer happens in 24 hours. Our exclusive rate per website to you is $99/- . You only pay when you sell. So for example: If you sold a 'Home decor store' for $500, you pay us $99 (which is our design & development cost) and the balance of $401/- is yours.
  4. You can sell them for as much as you like on your website. A typical dropshipping store will sell for anything between $300-$2000 
  5. Once a website is sold we will replace it with another one free of charge. 
  6. We will also add new websites that we develop

Features of the 30 drop shipping stores listed 

  • 100%  dropshipping store
  • PREMIUM & MEMORABLE domain name 
  • Profit margin between 100-200% 
  • Premium apps installed
  • Premium theme worth $200 installed
  • Blogs embedded on the site
  • Fully responsive website which looks great on mobile, tab, and pc
  • Social media accounts  
  • Shipping  tracker
  • PayPal/Visa/Master Card, Apple & Google Pay installed
  • Fully SEO optimised

What is included in the sale of the agency business:

  1. Ownership of the website design & development agency business
  2. Ownership of the domain name
  3. Your own back office team dedicated only to you
  4. Lifetime support 
  5. Premium websites designed by our expert team
  6. Admin area to manage your site's content and settings
  7. Advice on marketing, promoting and advertising your store in various portals around the world.
  8. Simple and easy to follow step by step guides on how to run Facebook, google and Instagram adverts.

What are the ongoing expenses for the business?

Only $29/-per month for basic Shopify account which includes Website Hosting, SSL certificate, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited Products, access to Ecommerce university, blogs, videos and tutorials online and Shopify’s 24 hours customer service, via Phone, Email and Live chat.  

How does the business transfer process work

  • Once the payment is made, send us your name and email address that you want the shopify account to be under.
  • We will send you an invite to login from the shopify account.
  • In the email click create your account and login with your own password. 
  • Once you log in store ownership is then transferred to you. After that subscribe to a shopify plan (a basic $29 plan will do or choose any other plan you may prefer) 
  • Website is then Live and you are the legal owner of the business. 

About Us:

We are a website design and development agency based out of Sydney, Australia. Our own similar website has generated in excess of over $800,000 in sales.  We are offering this rare opportunity to join and be part of our winning team.