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  • Buy Tools & Home Improvement Store➡

Buy Tools & Home Improvement Store➡

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Are you ready to dive into the world of e-commerce and make some serious cash? Look no further than! This fully set up dropship store is the perfect opportunity for anyone interested in selling tools, home improvement supplies, kitchen gadgets, and cleaning accessories.

But wait, there's more! When you purchase this business, you're not just getting a website. You're getting a whole package of assets, including:

  • Ownership of the business and store
  • Legal ownership of the domain name
  • Social media accounts to help you reach a wider audience
  • Guides for running successful ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, and Instagram
  • An email marketing pack with 2 million addresses to target for your campaigns
  • A Shopify merchant pack with a step-by-step guide to managing your website
  • Lifetime support from our team of experts
  • Access to Shopify's 24/7 customer service via phone, email, and live chat
  • Access to Shopify's eCommerce university, complete with helpful blogs, tutorials, and videos

And the best part? You'll receive all of these assets within 24 hours of purchase. So what are you waiting for? Click for more info and start your e-commerce journey today!

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'Website and all the assets transferred to you within 24 hours of purchase'

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Julie Richardson

The level of professionalism exhibited by both the website and the business is impressive. The developers have meticulously incorporated numerous small details that are seamlessly coordinated, indicating the significant level of attention to detail that went into its creation. I want to specifically commend Ani for their exceptional work. Their speedy response time and the efficient implementation of modifications are worth more than a perfect 5-star rating. I strongly recommend making a purchase from this site!

Joshua Dias

I had a fantastic experience with this website! The flexibility it offers is great, and Ani went above and beyond to provide exceptional service. Thanks to Ani's help, we were able to make our first sale just a few days after purchasing the business. I highly recommend this website - you can buy with confidence knowing you'll be in good hands!

Aliou Balde

For an unbelievable price of $500, we received a variety of additional features such as an email package and a Facebook page. We cannot express enough gratitude to Ani. :)

Jason Daley

Ecom Chief boasts a highly contemporary website with a user-friendly and modern design. Its features enhance the customer experience, and the service provided is excellent with prompt assistance. I highly recommend this option.

Yesree Kay

"An online store that boasts both stunning design and exceptional customer service. The website offers a plethora of features and is easily customizable, allowing for a polished and professional look with minimal effort. We were thrilled to see sales made within just two days of launching."